Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 13 - Oct 28

Zucchini quiche, just a teeny bit of brussels and bacon, and some crock pot meat for breakfast. Coffee with heavy cream.

Brussels and bacon plus crock pot meat for lunch. Coffee with heavy cream.

I was planning on CrossFitting after work, but I was feeling tired and sick.. this week really beat me up. I wish I could still go in the mornings during the week like I did over the summer. I always felt strong and there was no excuse not to go. I'll be going on Saturday and Sunday this weekend anyway, so all will be fine.

Sean and I instead went to Longhorn Steakhouse (again), where I enjoyed a huge rib eye with a bunch of fresh steamed veggies.  After dinner, Sean for some reason decided to fill me in on how delicious the pumpkin munchkins were that he had earlier. For the first time over the challenge, my sweet tooth came out, and it came out hard.  It could have been the lack of sweet potato, but I was also not feeling completely satisfied after dinner like I was the other night.

I really want to work on the Paleo pumpkin pie recipe to make it tastier and maybe have a dish that I can call my own. Sean had the idea to add some apples to the pie to sweeten it up.  I was pretty skeptical about how well apples would go with pumpkin, but we gave it a try anyway.
Quote of the evening: "I think I've died and gone to Paleo heaven"
Yes, that is homemade whipped cream on top :) It's super easy - we just put some heavy cream plus a little bit of pure vanilla in the food processor... whipped right up.  I think it needed some more time in the oven due to the apples, and I also think that we should have chopped the apple pieces smaller, but it was pretty damn good. This recipe is getting there...

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