Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 11 - Oct 26

Started off the day with some zucchini quiche and leftover squash. Plus one cup of coffee with heavy cream.

Lunch was brussels and bacon. Tomorrow I'll have some crock pot meat to add in.  No coffee at work today - forgot to bring in more heavy cream! Plus I was able to leave right after work (no cross country practice today), so I picked up some iced coffee with heavy cream from Starbucks before I got my nails done :)

On the way home I finally got some more curry paste so I can run the crock pot overnight tonight. I finished up the last of the squash and had a Cherry Pie LaraBar for a snack.

Survived CrossFit today with all of my soreness still in tact and even got a 20lb front squat PR :) Thanks for the encouragement Sharon!!

Sean grilled for dinner - our favorite grassfed burgers with some (partially bacon-wrapped) asparagus... yum!

Still feeling great :) So many smiley faces today!

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