Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 9 - Oct 24

This morning I finally got to try some of the zucchini quiche upgraded with sausage and coconut milk - muy bueno!! It was a little spicy.. I'm not sure if it was from the mild sausage or if I tossed too much pepper in this time.  I had some leftover squash on the side and of course a cup of coffee with heavy cream.

Sidenote about this morning: I noticed that my clothes are starting to fit better :D I was overjoyed on my way to work.. unnecessarily smiling and dancing in my car.  Not typical Monday morning behavior for me. I then continued to have the perfect day at school... it makes such a difference to feel comfortable and confident when you're pretty much on stage in front of a classroom of 11-13 year olds all day. So happy to see some results of my hard work only a week in!

Lunch was typical brussels and bacon plus a cup of coffee.

After cross country practice, I ate some leftover squash and a couple meatballs before running out the door to the gym. The "Filthy Fifty" was indeed filthy :)  As much as 50 burpees totally SUCK, I love the long, never-ended metcons so much.   The next two days I have late nights for the end of cross country season, so I was also glad to get a hard workout in before probably missing the next two. Last time I did this workout I completed the "Foul Forties" in 24:08. Today, my "Filthy Fifty" time was 27:44ish (I couldn't remember if it was :39 or :49, so we settled for halfway).  Not too shabby. 

I picked up a large PaleoKit to keep me satisfied tomorrow for the cross country League Championships at Holbein and our traditional trip to McDonalds afterward (barf). 

Dinner was leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs! Another day down, still feeling great :)

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