Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 10 - Oct 25

Breakfast was zucchini quiche 2.0 plus some brussels and bacon. And coffee with heavy cream.

More brussels and bacon for lunch (surprise) plus cup #2 of coffee with heavy cream (surprise again).

Snacked on my PaleoKit before and after the cross country race. Got made fun of for being healthy and not succumbing to Micky-D's "food".

Soreness from Filthy Fifty kicked in during the afternoon. Ow. Everything hurt... calves, hamstrings, quads, butt, abs. They all still hurt just as much as I type this (the following morning). It turns out that I will be able to make it to CrossFit tonight (our last meet will be Thursday in the rain instead of today), so I'm worried about how much my soreness will limit me.

I almost did not even need dinner. Got back too late to make it to CrossFit, that PaleoKit really halted my appetite, and I was planning a ridiculously early bedtime. I heated up just a little bit of the spaghetti squash and meatballs.

Was about to start a crock pot of chuck with coconut milk and curry paste so it could cook overnight, then I realized that I was out of curry paste. Sigh. Will have to pick some more up after work Wednesday. 

One third of the way through the challenge!!

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