Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 3 - Oct 18

The most exciting news of the day: I got my very first box jumps tonight :D  It takes me a while to psych myself up before each jump so I'm not sure if I want to use it for metcons right away, but I'm so happy I can jump with the big kids now! For those who may not know.. back in June/July I started with step ups because I had a HUGE issue with jumping. The box looked super scary to me and my mobility (or lack-there-of) prevented me from getting very far off the ground. I still can't believe I really did it!! Just another example of CrossFit making the impossible possible :)

Hey Nilda, I hope you don't mind that I stalked out and re posted this picture of you conveniently demonstrating what a box jump is :)

Breakfast and lunch today were same as usual. Zucchini quiche with brussels and bacon for breakfast, and crock pot meat with brussels and bacon with for lunch. Plus a cup of coffee with heavy cream with each meal.

After cross country practice I'm pretty sure my stomach was eating itself, so I swung into Wawa and left with two hard boiled eggs and a banana as a snack. I know, I need to stay away from the fruit, but at least I did not have any Lara Bars today. Oh, and it took me 3 red lights just to get one of the eggs de-shelled. Awesome.

For dinner Sean grilled up some grass fed burgers (which I ate with avocado) and asparagus, once again some spears were bacon-wrapped. Am I on the verge of eating too much bacon??

I'm currently on coffee #3 because I still have a lesson for the 6th graders and a paper/presentation for grad class to do tonight... yikes!

In other news... 

I purchased my first PaleoKit, which I will be consuming after cross country practice/before my grad class tomorrow night. I'll let you know how much I love it!

I also purchased (or rather, had Sean go out and purchase while I was at the gym) a freaking ton of squash. My plan is to make Jamie's recipe and have squash as a snack/side dish for dayssss so I can completely cut the fruit and nuts. Hopefully I'll have some time to make this tomorrow or Thursday.

One more day down. Feeling stronger by the minute :)


Jamie said...

You can never eat too much bacon!!

Alycia said...

haha, love Jamie's comment....because she used to be vegetarian :)

Kate, you are doing a great thing for yourself and others, by keeping this blog.

Keep it up!

CONGRATULATIONS on your box jump. Soon you'll be doing them in metcons all the time!

Sharon S said...

Awesome job with the box jumps! Give it time you'll get comfortable enough to do in a metcon.

Melissa said...

Awesome job on the box jump and keeping up the blog. Thanks for the inspiration and food comments. Great to read!