Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 4 - Oct 19

Usual breakfast and lunch today. I had a PaleoKit after school - amazing! It is just as delicious as it is messy to eat... I'm glad I was locked in my classroom all by myself when I went after this.  Brought a dinner of brussels, bacon, and crock pot meat to work with me since I was trapped in my grad class til 8:30. When I got home, I had two scrambled eggs cooked in kerrygold butter because I was super hungry. I almost congratulated myself for not eating fruit/nuts today... and then I remembered the PaleoKit. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I did come very close to letting my willpower (along with the whole 30 day challenge) fly right out the window by almost eating a Nature Valley bar. I got 30 of them for the cross country team, which has 28 runners. I gave one away to the other coach and then was tempted by that last one. As I played with the idea of eating it I took a peek at the ingredients. The first three: whole grain rolled oats, sugar, canola oil.. and it just got worse from there. Once I saw those ingredients, I immediately gave it away to someone else and didn't give it a second thought. I also passed up a little gift bag of candy at class. As my classmates chowed down on their sugar, I felt confident that I would not think about cheating on these 30 days again.

During class I was feeling really bizarre flu-like symptoms, similar to what Laurie was describing on the nutrition blog.  I was feeling nauseous, had an awful headache, was getting chills, and had a weird taste in my mouth.  I can't believe that I'm only 4 days in and think I'm going through sugar withdrawal already. Granted, this feeling could have also been caused or made worse by my severe lack of sleep... last night was another one with only a couple hours of my head on the pillow. Something else I noticed was that coffee #3 today made me feel really jittery and weird. This also happened to me on my first 30-day back in July. Interesting...

Just one lesson to do then I'm most definitely hitting the hay!


Beth said...

Keep up the temptation resistance, Kate!! And, hey, have you posted that zucchini quiche recipe somewhere? If so, can you tell me where, and if not, can you?!

Kate said...

Lol yeah, it's in a couple places. It's so simple that it's almost not even a recipe:

Coat the dish with some melted kerrygold butter or coconut oil so it doesn't stick. Shred 4 zucchini, mix with 12 large eggs, add some spices (I usually do a ton of black pepper and a little paprika), and bake! I do an hour on 400 degrees to make it really crispy :)