Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 17 - Nov 1

Another traumatizing day...

Eddy's numbers got worse, so the vet wanted him moved to the emergency room at Penn's veterinary hospital where they have fancier things and can watch him 24/7.
Our brave little man hooked up to his pupper's IV at the vet. He has a similar set-up at Penn.

Sean and I just beat rush hour traffic and got him in early, but immediately after us came a swarm of sick (really sick) pets. Needless to say, we waited forever to hear from the doctors. When we did get to talk to one, she told us that he needs to stay potentially for 3-4 days (you can only imagine the bill he's wracking up over there.. though, it's worth it to get him better) because they have to determine whether it's an infection, a kidney problem from birth, or maybe kidney stones.  There's also a possibility that if it's an infection, the damage done to his kidneys could be life-long :(

So we're doing the only thing we can do - hoping for the best. This morning they are moving him to internal medicine and running an ultra sound to check for kidney stones. After that it's just a matter of time. We're hoping to flush out the infection with lots of fluids, then they have to wait until his numbers plateau before they can start taking him off the IV. We can't wait to have him well and back home!

In food news:

Breakfast: zucchini quiche and coffee
Lunch: the last of the brussels and bacon and crock pot meat
Dinner: We were starving and had lots of down time waiting for the doctor, so we wandered out. There was a little place in University City about a block away from the vet ER where I was able to get a half chicken with jerk spices with fresh grilled asparagus and pineapple.... yum. Pre-challenge this would have been a situation where I would have given myself "permission" to stress-eat whatever the hell I wanted. Honestly, it was pretty hard to not say screw it and order some nachos and a margarita. Luckily, Sean wouldn't let me :) In the end, I'm so glad I stuck to the challenge.  Only a little ways to go...

Also - I succeeded in having a candy-less Halloween and day following Halloween.. hooray!

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