Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time for SUMMER!

That's right... the school year is finally over and it's time to relax! YES I get the summer off, but YES I worked my tail off all year for this. This has been a particularly challenging and stressful year for me, so I am more than ready for the well-deserved break.

My diet has been mostly repetitive the last few days (I made a bunch of the coconut/walnut/cinnamon chicken again) so I'll spare you the details. Here is what's new:

Celebrations with Co-Workers

This was event #2 in June that I was excusing myself from the Paleo diet for. And by excusing myself from the diet I really just mean allowing myself to enjoy some adult beverages but still only eating Paleo. I went to Redstone to celebrate with my fellow 7th grade teachers after we officially checked out of school today. I got the spinach salad with romaine lettuce, no cheese or bacon, and with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. The toppings left are apples, red grapes, nuts, eggs, and chicken - I believe all Paleo and extremely tasty!


Here's my WOD from Monday:

Skill Work:
Muscle-ups (I wish I were anywhere near strong enough to practice these!), Rope Climbs, Pull-ups, Dips

6 Rounds of:
Every 5 Minutes complete the following for time:
Run Around Building
20 DB Snatches (15 lbs)
10 Pull-ups

The metcon (metabolic conditioning) portion was an intense half an hour, but as always I loved it! Yesterday was my day off of the gym this week so I could attend 8th grade graduation, but tonight I tried out a class at CrossFit Mount Laurel.

BTW I don't know if you noticed that large yellow vegetable that I picked up this weekend, but it will be coming back to the blog tomorrow night.. get excited!

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Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

I MISS Redstone so much! Jeeeaaalllooouuusss. And jealous you get summers off. :)