Monday, June 13, 2011

First Paleo Food Shopping Trip!

I needed to stock up the pantry with some Paleo staples, so yesterday Sean and I headed out to Trader Joe's, the Marlton Farmer's Market (such a great find - very glad I found this place to stock up on veggies and fruits), and Whole Foods. Between the three stores I was able to check everything off my list.

shredded coconut, coconut oil, chopped pecans, diced tomatoes, 
free range chicken broth, chopped walnuts, almonds, 
coconut flour, tomato paste, vanilla, almond butter, and sun-dried tomatoes

tomatoes, red peppers, peaches, and avocados

strawberries, blueberries, butternut squash, nitrate-free chicken and turkey deli meats, 
Go Raw snacks found at Whole Foods (more to come on these goodies later), 
Trader Joe's chicken breasts (cooked/uncooked), unsweetened coconut milk,
cucumber, zucchini, and squash

 also found this Chicken Sausage at Trader Joe's - I used one for breakfast this morning, 
but I managed to remember to snap a picture of the wrapping before I tossed it!


Melissa said...

I need to check out that farmer's market..I was just telling Shane we need to find one!

I love love love almond milk, but I really want to try coconut milk! How is it? Also need to try coconut milk ice cream, how divine does that sound?

Anddd finally, coconut oil is amazing! I actually use a jar of it as a beauty product, look up it's uses's pretty cool.

Kate said...

YES about the farmer's market - I was sososo happy when I walked in. It's super easy to get to (right down main street/Tuckerton before you hit 73).

I don't drink milk directly, but I used to use almond breeze in my oatmeal, and I've added the coconut milk into some recipes recently. So far, so good! I'm enjoying the new fruity taste that I'm getting with all this coconut (shredded, oil, and milk)... I never knew I was a fan!