Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday and Friday

I've been a bad blogger - I still need to recap Thursday for you all!

Thursday was a pretty repetitive food day... I had the usual breakfast and snack, and for lunch I had the last of the coconut chicken and butternut squash. I must admit, I was sad to see that go.. I'm thinking I'll be making it again next week. For dinner I cooked up that chicken that marinated in lime juice overnight along with some yellow squash in balsamic vinegar.

This meal was near impossible to clean up, but it was delicious! Any tips for easily cleaning all that mess off of my nice new pans?? Mom, are you out there?! I tried letting hot water and soap soak in for a while and that got most of it off with some scrubbing, but some pieces would not give.  I ate half for dinner and saved the rest for lunch Friday. 

Snack today was a peach and the leftover guacamole with cucumber "chips".  I just decided to change my CrossFit workout today because I saw that the WOD is focusing on the power clean and my right shoulder is telling me that it needs a break after being worked hard for the last 4 days. I changed it to tomorrow morning at 9 in hopes that the workout will be lighter on my shoulders. 

I'm not sure what dinner tonight will be yet, but my vegetable drawer is empty so it's time to do some food shopping!

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