Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Night Out and Father's Day

Friday night Sean and I went out for dinner. We settled on Forno Grille on Church Road in Maple Shade in hopes I could combine some fresh ingredients to make a Paleo meal. 
I got a salad with grilled chicken and roasted zucchini, squash, and red pepper with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I would definitely get it again, it's nice to know that I can still enjoy a night out to dinner and eat Paleo! Forno can be Paleo-friendly, minus the huge bowl of free bread that was tempting me all meal long. Sean attempted to go somewhat Paleo as well with the wings in the background.

We had to run to the market Friday night to get myself some meat and veggies for breakfast Saturday. I ended up trying some ground chicken and broccoli in my eggs, and it turned out pretty well. The plain ground chicken made me realize that it's about time to get some seasoning in my kitchen!

Saturday morning was my favorite CrossFit workout so far:
30 – 20 – 10
Wall Balls

I modified to 25-15-5 because of my bad shoulder, and because this WOD was so intense. Using a 25lb barbell for the thrusters and a 10lb ball, I completed the workout in 15:22. My knee positioning for the thrusters was a lot better than it was on Wednesday, and today my legs are really feeling the effects of 90 proper squats (thrusters + wall balls) - aka I can barely walk.

I will be going 100% Paleo in July, but I decided to give myself two nights off for events I had coming up in June. One of these events was on Saturday afternoon/night when I went out to Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant for a friend's birthday. Tiki teas, pina coladas, jager shots, and towers of beer were enjoyed by all. I was hungry because I missed snack and dinner, so I also munched on some very un-Paleo nachos with biggie and pseudo.

Sundays are apparently now officially Trader Joe's, Farmers Market, and Whole Foods day. I stocked up on my meats: 
and my produce:
and of course I needed to sample more flavors of my new favorite snack along with some eggs from Whole Foods: 
Btw the original and ginger snap flavors are just as delicious as the chocolate :) They are expensive (about $5 a bag) but worth it!

I also finally purchased some spices and a foam roller (used to help sore muscles) from Target. Sean and I first unsuccessfully went to Walmart in search of these items, but I was not going to return home without that damn foam roller:

The fam gathered for Father's Day/Grandmom's birthday/my brother's birthday celebrations Sunday night. They ate flank steak and corn, but I opted to make some turkey burgers with zucchini and save the leftovers for lunches this week at work. This was a recipe that I have made before but today the patties turned to complete mush! I blame it on the meat I used (bottom right in the meat picture above).  They wouldn't sit on the grill, so we sat them in tinfoil and they turned out more like mini meat loafs. This was probably my first real fail so far, and it was so much more embarrassing because my entire family got to witness it :P
At least they still tasted good! I also had some of Aunt Ronni's famous caesar salad: romaine, egg, worcestershire sauce, lemon, garlic, parmesan, oil, vinegar, pepper, and croutons. I excused the parmesan, and tried to pick out the croutons, but I must admit that some may have escaped into my mouth.
And finally, because it's not July yet, an obligatory slice of key lime cake from Sweet Eats:

All in all, a very delicious, partially-Paleo Sunday. Happy Father's Day, Dad!
 (also Bella's first blog appearance)


Anonymous said...

Who's the old guy with the dog???

Kate said...

lol I have this strange suspicion that its the same person who is asking...

Aunt Ronni said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Can't speak about your turkey thing, but the whole dinner the rest of us had was really good.

Leslie said...

cute! i didnt know u had a blog too! feel free to check mine out as well. thx for coming Sat! xox

Anonymous said...

Try fresh basil with ground chiken and throw in some rice wine vinegar and peanut oil...yum Thai chicken! Is all of that ok w/ paleo? Aunt Suzanne

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

I miss Mark! Tell him happy late Father's day from meeeee :)

Melissa said...

Where is that Farmer's Market again? I really need to find one!

Kate said...

I finally figured out how to follow people (yes I know it's not that hard :P). Leslie, Melissa, and Ariana - I am now a follower :)

Aly - I am now following you via e-mail... and of course tell Bob happy very belated father's day from his favorite "cake" :D we need a reunion ASAP!

Aunt Suzanne - I'm pretty sure I can't have peanut oil since peanuts themselves are off limits, but maybe I can try a variation with sesame oil... thanks!

Melissa -
It's right at the 70/73 intersection!

LauraOMara said...

if you love the foam roller, you should consider this too:

One of the best stretching tools I have ever used. seriously

Kate said...

Hey Laura! My CrossFit gym has one of those rollers.. it is scary looking! haha I think I need some more time with the flat one before I can graduate to that one, but I should try it out. Thanks :)