Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I Forgot to Mention....

So after I posted yesterday, I realized that I forgot a couple important things:

1) Ever since sixth grade, the only meats I have eaten are chicken and turkey. I am marginally considering adding grass-fed beef into my diet slowly, but as of now I'm sticking with my chicken and turkey.

2) I can't cook. I have a feeling that my misadventures in the kitchen should make for good blogging material :P

3) In addition to CrossFit, I will also be training for a half marathon in September! I'm still trying to decide if I should run on CrossFit days and give myself a day in between to recover OR run on opposite days as CrossFit. The schedule I am tentatively leaning towards looks like this:
          - Mon/Weds/Fri/Sat: CrossFit workout and run (my runs will be a mix of long
             6-10 miles and short 4-6 miles with intervals)
          - Tues/Thurs/Sun: Rest
I'm just nervous about having off 3 days a week off because I'm used to only having 1... what will I do with myself??

4) I am a teacher, so after just 6 more school days I will have my summer off and all the time in the world to work out, get my diet in check, and blog about it. One of my biggest concerns is reverting back to my old habits once the school year starts again in September. Work = less time to spend on myself + more stress! I suppose I will just worry about that when the time comes.

5) Kinda gross, but I get sick a lot and have several food related ailments like headaches and GI problems. Another thing I want to document is if these things disappear and if my health improves with the elimination of dairy, grains, and artificial ingredients from my diet. 

I'll be posting later tonight about my first Paleo shopping trip yesterday.. with pictures of the goods!

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Klinenator said...

You can kind of cook... sort of...