Monday, July 18, 2011

Go Paleo!

Okay I promise the recipes I tried last week will be posted later this afternoon.  Blogging was interrupted by some house hunting (!) and the arrival of this little guy:
Check out the whole photo album of Eddy meeting my 2-year-old shih tzu Bella here.

Before I get those recipes up, I want to spread some wonderful articles by Mark Sisson that I re-read this morning while searching for some motivation for a friend as well as for myself to stay on track. We're over halfway through July, and I have made the decision to make Paleo/primal living my permanent lifestyle. I am throwing around the idea of allowing myself to add in alcohol (one day a week maximum) to make it a little more livable and less anti-social. Giving up grains, dairy, and processed foods has been easier than I thought it would be with the exception of those oh so tempting desserts! I'm working on casting these sugary thoughts aside and trying to find healthy rewards just as emotionally satisfying.

I could get lost in primal info over at Mark's Daily Apple for hours, so I picked out some gems that I think are motivating for ANY healthy change:

How to Break Bad Habits
Rebuttals to Excuses for Not Exercising and Eating Unhealthy

And some for those interested in Paleo/primal living but aren't sure where to start:

10 Baby Steps to Help You "Get Primal"
It's Time to "Get Real"


Lesley said...

Your friend says thank you, girllll :)

Kelly said...

Dear Kate,
This was a very helpful and timely posting.

I have to confess that the last two days I seriously cheated on my Paleo diet! And now I am sad...

I told myself it was okay to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup last night when Peter and I were out at a pub with friend...and today I was so busy teaching voice lessons that I didn't eat any lunch...and when I finally got home I munched on potato chips instead of eating a healthy snack...

I am throwing the chips away right now (they are left over from a few weeks ago before we decided to go Paleo)and next week when I teach lessons I am going to PLAN AHEAD and bring a salad with chicken instead of trying to go without lunch.

Excited to see you tomorrow! (And Eddy!)

Kate said...

It's okay, there's always time to bounce back. Last week Sean and I went out to dinner like... every night. Granted, every time I got a salad with chicken and veggies with oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing. So even though it wasn't cheating, I still felt like I was over-doing it.

This week I'm doing exactly what you just said.. planning ahead! I did all my cooking today, so I have good food readily available and there is no excuse to go out during the week.

Yayy can't wait to see you guys and talk about this more :)