Monday, July 11, 2011

Blueberry Crumble

CrossFit Saturday 7/9
Back Squat 5, 5, 5 (This was my first time back squatting. Although my squats in general are getting better, I still have a lot of work to do on my form. I focused on technique instead of adding a lot of weight on, ending up at 60 lbs I believe)
AMRAP in 15 (I completed 5 rounds + 10 squats and 4 pull-ups)
10 Back Squats (I did goblet squats instead using 1 pood, about 35 lbs)
10 Pull-ups (assisted with gray and red band)
2 Tire Flips

We visited Eddy on Saturday, he is now 6 weeks old and just as cute as ever! He is also starting to bite everything
We played for about an hour then he passed out... when I picked him up to say bye the little guy couldn't keep his eyes open! Eddy's vet appointment is on Friday which will determine when he will be able to come home to us.
Yesterday I made the Berry Cocoa-Crisp that I mentioned earlier, minus the dark chocolate chips because the dessert seemed sweet enough to me without chocolate.
The blueberries ready to be topped with the macadamia/pecan/walnut mixture.
Fresh out of the oven!
Next time I will make this I will add more berries/less nuts. I wanted more warm, gooey, blueberry goodness! I'm pretty sure I also chopped the nuts a little too finely in the food processor. Since the dish didn't have the chocolate to bind the ingredients together, it came out as more of a crumble.

I have 3 new recipes this week, I'll let you know how they turn out :)


Kelly said...

Eddy seems to be a very cute pile of black hair (that bites! but oooonly the "love" kind, I'm sure). Dark doggies are so hard to see in photographs! But I am excited to meet him.

I am intrigued by this "blueberry crumble" idea and think I will have to try it. Peter would love it.

How did the rest of the shower go on Sunday? I am sorry to report that I caved and had a tiny bit of cake ;-) But I ate around all the icing since I don't like it...does that make it better? Hmmm....

Kate said...

Your comments are the best :)

I know.. Sean and I think it's hysterical that we can't make out his face from his butt in pictures right now. But we know that when he gets older he'll have large eyes like Bella and stuff.. so this is just a phase! And oh yes, love bites for sure haha can't wait til he's done teething.

Yes blueberry crumble was good, but like I said.. definitely more berries and/or less nuts!

I was good at the shower! I didddd however have the majority of a glass of white wine (I'm allowed to have a glass of red.. oops!). Lol at you eating around the icing.. that's the best part!