Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eddy Update

The original pup that was going to be Eddy did not pass his vet tests today and will not be for sale. He was very small for an 8-week-old, my best guess is that he wasn't eating. I was initially very disappointed because this puppy was exactly what we wanted: a young, mostly black, male shih tzu.

BUT then my day took an unexpected turn: we found a local breeder who had 2 pups that fit our criteria! We went to scope them out this afternoon and completely fell in love with an all black, 5-week-old, playful, adventurous, smart, little trouble-maker :D My mind was made up as soon as I got little puppy kisses on my cheek. The deposit is down and he will be ours once he is old enough to come home (2-3 weeks from now). This was our first experience with a breeder, and it could not have been more positive. It was so nice to see how well cared for these pups were and we got to meet the mommy and daddy shih tzus who were both very sweet. Eddy's gonna be such a stud!
This is the picture from the breeder's website - he looks brown, but you can see his face... look at those blue peepers!


Melissa said...

Eddy is adorable!!!!!!!! So sorry to hear that about the first puppy :(

Ariana said...

Big blue peepers!!! Just like you :)

Kelly said...

Yay Eddy!! Can't wait to meet him! He looks like he is going to be a fun little guy :-)